you feel your sins crawling on your back // welcome home, seabitch // buckle up, this gunslinger's loaded!
Они все короткие и детские.
Потому что я не могу читать нцу на работе.

ИваОй, PG, 5к
[like hollywood stars (skittidyne)]
Here's the setting: Two gods of death never walk into a bar together.

ИваОй, КагеХина, PG, 6к
[The Haunting of Oikawa Tooru (Esselle)]
They love racing each other to possess things right before Tooru uses them, but they've never tried to make anything malfunction before, so he allows it. Hinata's favorite is the teapot, because it tickles when it starts to boil. Kageyama likes the aging washing machine. He's never said why, but Tooru suspects it's because the old thing sounds nearly as grumpy as Kageyama himself does when it really gets going on its spin cycle.

Еще от того же автора. Няшность. Единороги. Лапочка-Хината.

ИваОй, КагеХина, 1к
[Saps (Esselle)]
"I already told you, I am not signing any adoption papers for that orange demon," Tooru says. "You know we'd have to take in Tobio, too."

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